TxtPages How-to

A guide to creating a txtpage.

Creating a basic txtpage
Specifying a url
Specifying a passcode
Editing an existing txtpage
Creating a heading
Formatting text
Adding web links
Linking to an image
Creating a list
Deleting old txtpages


Creating a basic txtpage

Enter a Title for your txtpage.

Enter some text in the Content box.

Click Create Page.

That's it!

Note: TxtPage contents are formatted using Markdown syntax .


Specifying a url for your txtpage

Enter a unique text identifier in the Set URL box (for example: cathome).

A url of cathome sets your txtpage to the link txtpages.xyz/cathome .

You will be prompted to enter a different url if it's being used by another page.


Specifying a passcode for your txtpage

A passcode is needed to edit an existing txtpage.

Enter the passcode you want to set in the Set Passcode box (for example: password123) . If you leave the passcode box blank, then a random passcode will be generated for you.

Write down the passcode somewhere or email it to yourself.


Editing an existing txtpage

To edit an existing txtpage, you need to know its url and passcode. For instance, to edit a txtpage with the url cathome, access the following link: txtpages.xyz/cathome/edit .

You will be able to edit any of the txtpage content. Enter the correct passcode to save changes.


Creating a heading

To create a heading, use the following formatting:

# Primary Heading
## Secondary Heading
### Smaller Heading
#### Even smaller heading


Formatting text

Enclose text in asterisks for italic or bold text.

*italic text*.  
**bold text**.

Enclose text in backticks (`) for code text.

Here's some `code text` for you.

Use three dashes (---) on a line by itself for a horizontal rule.

A line of text followed by a horizontal rule.


Add a '>' in front of a paragraph to turn it into a blockquote.

>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
>adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor
>incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. 

To add an extra blank line for spacing:

This paragraph will have an extra blank line below it.


Another paragraph.


Use the following formatting to add a web link:

[This is a link](https://txtpages.xyz)  


Linking to an image

Use the following to link to an image:

![image alt text](http://txtpages.xyz/logo.png)  

You can use a free image hosting site such as imgur to upload images, then link to it from TxtPages.


Creating a list:

Bulleted lists:  
- eggs  
- milk  
- flour  

Numbered lists:  
1. eggs  
2. milk  
3. flour  


Deleting old txtpages

TxtPages that haven't been viewed in 6 months will be deleted.